intercosmicprincess What's the best way to find a roommate for freshman year? Is there a diversity within the student body in terms of wealth, race, etc?


I would go random! I know everyone has fears about getting a crazy roommate, but I definitely would do random.

And yes, there is diversity! I just found out that one of the girls in my classes is a first generation student! I had no idea—-so you get to find these things out as you go.

LOL “one of the girls in my classes is a first generation student”

only at a rich ass university like BU is this a novelty. NO, BU IS NOT DIVERSE. we are white and rich and vaguely liberal but we are not truly diverse.

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Anonymous Heyy I'm a new grad student at BU's MET college.. ok yh I'm Bi -___- and I'm looking for fun... and help???



Are you hitting on me?

Hey Anon, check out BUBQ's event this Thursday at Yard House! There will be tons of people, plus beer. And what gets better than queers drinking beers?

See you there!

xoxo, Q

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Anonymous Is there a sand volleyball court at BU?

Not that I’m aware of :(

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Anonymous Heyy I'm a new grad student at BU's MET college.. ok yh I'm Bi -___- and I'm looking for fun... and help???

Are you hitting on me?

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Anonymous are you being sarcastic when you say "fun" because that blog post was ridiculous as hell


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I Don't Believe in Women's Rights

A fun blog post from one of our classmates in SMG. Enjoy!

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Anonymous word of wisdom to you freshmen out there, now that it's snowy when you cross to BU bridge don't step on the damn medal part. You will slip and probably fall dramatically; look like an idiot for two seconds and jump over it trust me.


Also remember that the roads are shitty, so stop walking out in front of cars and bikes when they have the right of way, you fools! No guarantees they’ll be able to stop for your entitled ass (if they even attempt to).

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Anonymous Why do people think CGS is a "scam"?

Supposedly BU lets people into CGS who have lower grades and test scores than average, and they give them less financial aid. It’s a way to get rich kids who didn’t do as well in high school to pay more money.

Regardless of whether that’s true (I don’t know that it is), CGS still gets you an education and a BU degree.

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Anonymous Do you know the best place to have sex in Mugar?

No. There are security cameras, so I’m not sure where people get away with it.

Update: A reliable source (er, Tumblr commenter) says the 4th floor is ideal. Let me know how that works out. It is pretty dark and sexy up there…

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BU Pet Peeves

1. People who ride their bikes on the sidewalks (as if they’re not already crowded enough with slow walkers)

2. The “Greek section” at the GSU

3. The fact that the Student Link looks like it was designed in 1997

4. People who take the Warren elevators to the fifth floor

5. People who talk constant shit about Boston because “their city” is so much better—why even come here then?

What are yours?

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Anonymous Can you have the opposite sex not from BU stay in your dorm overnight if you fill out the paperwork?


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Anonymous Hi, is it true that bu girl usually hook up at harvard's final club party? If yes, how can i get laid at those parties? -future bu freshwoman

Some do, sure. I went to one Final Club party, drank warm beer, and left after twenty minutes because it was actually pretty lame.

Here’s a secret: Harvard guys are still horny college students. They’re not gods. You go out there and bang them all, honey.

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Anonymous I understand the purpose of this blog is to be funny, but lying for the sake of a joke to a prospective student isnt funny. Theyre seeking genuine answers, and youre witty responses may drive some of them away from a potential "dream" school. Making jokes if fine, great even, just be sure to convey the accurate info after please.

the purpose of this blog wasn’t originally to be funny. i just got sick of the canned bullshit that admissions and the administration feed prospective, current, and past students, and i felt like i was contributing to that in some way by running this blog.

also, i have responded to every single one of these questions (seriously) in the past. if people are too dumb to understand that i’m joking and too lazy to seek out the answers from another source (or simply another page on my blog), i won’t lose sleep over it.

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Anonymous can you please describe party life in a non sarcastic manner?


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