A note to the editors of my school’s newspaper: 

When your campus has spent the entire year discussing how harmful jokes about rape and overall rape culture are after at least three women get assaulted on or near campus, the ACTUAL LAST THING YOU DO is publish an April Fools Edition filled with jokes about date rape, sexual assault, prostitution, and jokes supporting victim blaming.

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Coyle confirms decision to leave BU

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Boston University Pages & References

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The text reads: 
"On Sept. 10 at 4:20 p.m. three female students living at 273 Babcock St. reported to police that they found feces in their closet. The students suspect that somebody entered the apartment and defecated in the closet, ruining several pairs of shoes. The students also believe that the feces had something to do with a BU fraternity that may be rushing. The feces were cleaned up, and the case is under investigation. The room’s locks have been changed."